Simple DevOps Project: Deployment of 2048 Game on AWS using docker

Simple DevOps Project: Deployment of 2048 Game on AWS using docker


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This application was deployed in the Ec2 instance of Ubuntu's Processor of T2 Micro with 8 GB of storage on it.


  1. Launch an EC2 instance.

    • Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

    • Go to the EC2 Dashboard.

    • Click on "Launch Instance."

    • Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with Ubuntu, such as "Ubuntu Server" or "Ubuntu LTS."

    • Select an instance type, configure instance details, and add storage as needed.

    • Configure security groups to allow SSH (port 22) and any other required access.

    • Review and launch the instance, and create or choose an existing key pair to connect to the instance securely.

  2. Connect to the EC2 instance:

    Once your EC2 instance is running, you can connect to it using SSH. Replace your-key.pem with the actual name of your key pair file and your-instance-ip with the public IP of your instance:

     ssh -i your-key.pem ubuntu@your-instance-ip
  3. Update and Upgrade Packages:

    After connecting to the instance, it's a good practice to update and upgrade the system packages to ensure you have the latest software and security updates:

     sudo apt update
     sudo apt upgrade
  4. We have to install Docker.

     sudo apt install -y
  5. We have given permission to docker

  6. Then we will write a Dockerfile for our 2048 app

     FROM ubuntu:22.04
     RUN apt-get update
     RUN apt-get install -y nginx zip curl
     RUN echo "daemon off;">>/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
     RUN curl -o /var/www/html/ -L
     RUN cd /var/www/html/ && unzip && mv 2048-master/* . && rm -rf 2048-master
     EXPOSE 80
     CMD ["/usr/sbin/nginx", "-c", "/etc/nginx/nginx.conf"]
    1. Execute the following commands in the new terminal

       docker build -t <docker image name> .

       docker images

       docker run -d -p 80:80 <container id>

       docker ps

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